Music Tips for Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Music Tips for Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Often people focus on music at the wedding reception and ceremony as two different entities, but if you plan on having one DJ play the music for both, here are some tips to help everything run smoothly.

  • Have entry music – When your guests are arriving, don’t let them walk into the ceremony venue in awkward silence. Music should begin at least 20-30 minutes before the ceremony.
  • Don’t offend your guests – If you have religious or conservative guests, remember that you may need to tone down the music – at least, at the ceremony and early parts of the reception. Your guests may not want explicit lyrics laden music, especially those over the age of 50.
  • Talk about must-play music – What do you absolutely have to hear? The DJ will be mixing the tunes to keep the party upbeat, but you are still the master of the playlist.
  • Watch song length on your first dance – Anything more than three minutes starts to get uncomfortable for everyone. If your favorite song is longer, there may be a shorter version that can be used for your first dance.
  • Have a good mix – If all of your music is from a single genre, you limit which guests will have a good time to those who have the same musical interests as you.

Hire the Right DJ for the Best Wedding Music

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