Specialty Wedding Reception Dances to Consider

Specialty Wedding Reception Dances to Consider

One of the moments that everyone looks forward to at a wedding reception is the first dance of the new couple. Much thought goes into choosing the song, people take photos and videos, and it’s one of the highlights of the evening.

However, this is not the only special dance that you can prepare in advance for your wedding. Here are some other popular options to consider.

  • Mother-son dance – The groom may want a special dance with his mother. You can also invite guests to join in. If the groom doesn’t have a mother for whatever reason, he could even dance with his stepmom, godmother, or a grandma who raised him.
  • Father-daughter dance – This is another special dance that you can have regardless of family makeup. Stepfathers, grandfathers, and even father figures could be invited to the dancefloor.
  • The anniversary dance – This is a fun way to get all the couples at the wedding on the dancefloor. Of course, you get to kick the wedding couple off the dancefloor pretty much immediately, but they already had their dance together. Plus, it’s funny when the DJ asks anyone married less than a day to exit the dancefloor. The last couple standing gets to show off how long they’ve been married, and you can even hand them a mic and ask for marriage advice.

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