"While planning our wedding the only vendor that my husband was adamant about was the DJ.  He had known Mikey Beats for a while and although I had not heard him play yet, he was certain I would love him.  Boy was he right!  Not only did Mikey do an amazing job at our wedding and after party, he was a bit of a support system through out the whole process.  If you have ever planned a wedding you know how amazing it is to have a vendor call you just to let you know all is good and they are there if you need anything extra.  Throughout the wedding he had everyone, young and old, on the dance floor.  He was absolutely amazing and I completely recommend him for all events."

Michelle C., Bride

Mikey Beats just set up for our block party. Could not have been nicer and more professional.  Great music and equipment, no cutting corners here. Everyone gave the setup two thumbs up.”

Anne R., Event Attendee

“We’re finally home and settled back in from our honeymoon and wanted to shoot you Mikey Beats a note to thank you and your team for making our special day so great! Thank you!”

Brittany & Zach, Bride & Groom

“My wife and I love DJ Mikey Beats who performed at our wedding last Saturday.  He brought the flava we wanted to exert in our wedding.  Now that I think about it, he really got the music right and flowing during the bboy/girl battle because everyone was hyped.  Him and his team were very professional and I received many compliments about the music, smooth timeline and how everything just flowed. So many people told me they had such a FUN time and I truly believe a huge part of that relys on a great DJ.  Thanks Mikey Beats! We love SGM Events and Sleeping Giant Music’s music, podcasts and service.  A very professional, multi-faceted company.”

Jason N., Groom

“We love Mikey Beats and SGM Events.  He brought the flava we wanted to exert in our wedding. Now that I think about it, he really got the music right and flowing …everyone was hyped. Him and his team were very professional and I received many compliments about the music, smooth timeline and how everything just flowed. Excellent job!”

Janice S., Bride

Mikey Beats was the best DJ ever!! He had every detail down, including having a towel for our faces after cake cutting!! Please tell him how pleased we are!”

Natasha B., Bride

Mikey Beats DJ’d our wedding this month and did an outstanding job! He had the whole dance floor filled all night and everyone raved about how great of a time they had. He mixed up the music so everyone could enjoy themselves. Thanks Mike!”

Ashley D., Bride

“We hired Mikey Beats for our wedding reception in San Diego and couldn’t have asked for anything more!  The customer service leading up to our event was better than any other vendor.  I was never unsure about anything…all information was up front and clear from the beginning, and then they delivered.  We had picked out a bunch of music up front, but at one point just had Mikey Beats do his thing and get the crowd dancing!  He knows what gets people moving and all of our guests had a blast. This was one of the few things in all the planning that was 100% worth the money!  Call SGM Events and book Mikey Beats! Thanks to Madison, Robbin and Mikey Beats for making everything easy and awesome!”

Samantha G., Bride

“We were so blown away by the music played at the wedding. It really made such a difference and everyone was dancing! Thank you Mikey Beats for such superb service and really helping the whole night run smoothly. We are so happy you were a part of our big day!”

Amber Y., Bride

“We are beyond thrilled to have chosen Mikey Beats. We could not be any happier and pleased. He read the crowd and knew what to play and people were dancing the whole night. Also the music he played during the cocktail hour was perfect. Guests were constantly referencing it and saying how perfect it was. THANK YOU again for helping make it such a success!”

James T., Groom

“Thank you Mikey Beats! You made us feel so relieved and was able to take lead when we really needed it. Many of my guests complimented you on your DJ skills and were more than impressed.”

Cara H., Bride

“I just want to thank you sooooo much for your incredible role on Saturday Mikey Beats. You killed it as we knew you would. everyone, even the few elders are raving about the music. Together with Luxe and Kris you all could rule the world with your talent. Never did I think I’d be rhyming to Pass the 40 at my wedding but I will always remember that!!!! Thank you!”

Beth A., Bride

“We had our wedding two weeks ago and the amazing DJ Mikey Beats was the musical genius behind the greatest dance party/wedding ever. He not only played everything we asked for, but mid reception downloaded songs as my groom requested! Since then, almost every single person that I have spoken to has commented how amazing the music was. I have been to a lot of weddings, but never have I been to one that had everyone dancing like it was the end of the world! I highly recommend SGM Events and Mikey beats for your next event.”

Beth P., Bride

Mikey Beats absolutely killed it! The wedding was amazing, the reception was amazing and his professionalism is unsurpassed. He kept the party going and made the environment exactly what the new wife and I wanted – high energy, everyone on the dance floor and empty seats at all the tables. The next day even my parents and their older friends were commenting on how great the DJ was. Legendary.”

Ronnie M., Groom

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You Mikey Beats were beyond the best I could ever imagine. We feel so lucky to have been able to book you. I will always refer you to any brides or big events. You killed it!!! Thanks for meeting with my dad as well and being so flexible. Was the best day ever and music was a HUGE part.”

Ginny F., Bride

Mikey Beats  just did our wedding here in San Diego and he was perfect!  Worked with us prior to the event to go through songs, time lines, everything!!! The dancing was non stop and the dance floor was full for most of the night….what more do you want out of a DJ at your wedding? How about the ability to MC the night and sound like a true professional and not some cheese ball?  Thanks Mike!  You killed it!”

Nathan, Groom

"Mikey Beats did our wedding and KILLED IT!! He really got the crowd pumped! Great MC and made sure dance floor was going all night. THANK YOU!!!!”

Tiana P., Bride

Mikey Beats just did our wedding here in San Diego and he was perfect! Worked with us prior to the event to go through songs, time lines, everything!! The dancing was non stop and the dance floor was full for most of the night….what more do you want out of a DJ at your wedding? How about the ability to MC the night and sound like a true professional and not some cheese ball? Thanks Mikey Beats! You killed it!”

Nathan and Jen, Bride and Groom

Mikey Beats DJ’ed our wedding a few weeks ago and did an absolutely fantastic job. He listened to our preferences and made a playlist that was perfect. He was great with keeping the party going and keeping people on the dance floor. Highly recommended.”

Bob S., Groom

Mikey Beats is an amazing DJ.  My husband and I are huge music people and great music was a must for our reception.  We were lucky to find Mikey through a friend of my husband who couldn’t recommend him enough. We agree!  Mikey was professional, helpful, fun and above friendly.  No matter your taste – I’m a metal head, my husband a 90s hip-hop fan – Mikey will make your event unforgettable.  Instrumental metal during the cocktail hour for me, a lil’ Wu-Tang and Biggie during our reception for my husband made sure we both heard what we love.   Mikey also emceed the event and was perfect.  If you’re looking for fun and top quality DJ, Mikey is your man!   Thanks, again Mike. :)”

Michele H., Bride

“Mikey rocks! Mikey rocks! Mikey rocks! I just got married last weekend and Mikey Beats blew the house off the roof at my wedding! He played a wide selection of music and every song he played was perfect for the moment! I’ve never danced so hard in my life! He was so professional and organized and even made sure the wedding stayed on track with his perfect MC voice.

Mikey is one of the most personable people I have encountered in my life! Days later I’m still getting compliments on how great the DJ was!  Thank you, Mikey, for making the best day of my life even better and thank you for being the best DJ ever! You Rock!”

Jessica S., Bride

DJ Mikey Beats made our wedding perfect. I asked for classic soul, R&B, a little funk. He delivered. As the night progressed, he weaved in modern songs to please the crowd. These guys were profoundly professional and very intuitive on the music selections.”

Jon J., Groom

“Omg Mikey Beats is the most fun Dj ever! He did our wedding at The Admiral Kidd and it was such a fun memorable night. The night flowed perfectly and he kept our guests entertained all night long with his enthusiastic introductions for the speeches and wedding party entrance. He even helped me coordinate and stay on schedule since I had no clue on planning a wedding in the first place. My husband and I have nothing but awesome things to say about him and if you are looking for a Dj that’s just a natural for any occasion, Mikey Beats is your man. He’s worth every penny and then some. It’s so important to keep your guests entertained and he’s just a natural people person so you don’t feel intimidated requesting songs or approaching him. He’s funny and witty and so talented. Hire him for your next event believe me! I’ve been to many weddings where the Dj is so generic and within 5 minutes I’m so bored I want to leave. My guests stayed until the end of our reception because he is just so dang fun. Love him love him love him!! Thank you, Mikey, for starting our marriage off with a bang!”

Brooke B., Bride

“We had DJ Mikey Beats from SGM dj-ing our wedding! He was so great, the music was awesome, everybody was breaking it down all night! And he was a great host, announcing all the things that were going on! He has been great throughout the whole planning, we love you Mikey!”

Monica W., Bride

DJ Mikey Beats was seriously AWESOME. I loved how to took control and made everything so fun. I highly recommend him as a DJ and will put his name out there. I’m so thankful he was my DJ!”

Jennifer M., Bride

Mikey Beats is an amazing DJ. My husband and I are huge music people and great music was a must for our reception. We were lucky to find Mikey through a friend of my husband who couldn’t recommend him enough. We agree! Mikey was professional, helpful, fun and above friendly. No matter your taste – I’m a metal head, my husband a 90s hip hop fan – Mikey will make your event unforgettable. Instrumental metal during the cocktail hour for me, a lil’ Wu-Tang and Biggie during our reception for my husband made sure we both heard what we love. Mikey also emceed the event and was perfect. If you’re looking for fun and top quality DJ, Mikey is your man! Thanks, again Mike. :)”

Michele H., Bride

“Mikey DJ Mikey Beats was the perfect DJ for our wedding!! We received so many compliments and everyone of all ages danced the entire night! I highly recommend him for any event!”

Whitney P., Bride

“Couldn’t give higher praise or a better recommendation for a wedding DJ! Mikey [DJ Mikey Beats] DJ’d our wedding ceremony and reception last weekend and was AWESOME! Played everything we asked-and knew to play everything we didn’t. He read the wedding and the crowd perfectly. Also, is overall just super knowledgable about the wedding process and gave us tips and help on everything from our officiant to our sparkler exit. This is your guy to hire for smooth wedding planning and an amazing wedding/reception! Thank you Mikey!!!!!!!!”

Joanna H., Bride

Mikey Beats is totally awesome! He Dj’d my best friends wedding and kept everyone on the dance floor. Kept playing a variety of music to keep everyone happy. Was easy to make a request. I heard from the bride that he was reasonably priced also.”

Alana S., Bridesmaid

Mikey Beats freaking kills it. He had my dance floor packed at an outdoor, windy and rainy wedding. Great, great music selection. Mikey Beats the guy is the kinda guy you wanna hang out with. Super fun and upbeat. Couldn’t be happier with him. I recommend him highly and would use him again in a heartbeat.”

JS., Groom

Mikey Beats was great for our May 2nd wedding!  He has a ton of experience and kept a very calm and confident attitude throughout the whole process. The flow of any wedding is vital to the success of the night and Mikey Beats really knew how to keep everything together.  We had certain songs that had to have the perfect timing and we were really concerned with it and he nailed everything perfectly and effortlessly.  The toasts and speeches were flawless and had a great sound.  The dancing was fantastic and he knew how to read the crowd.  He also knew to avoid taking requests from certain Aunts. Thanks Mikey!”

Bryan G., Groom

Mikey [Beats] was AMAZING! He truly made the event a FUN experience for everyone! I would recommend him to anybody who wants to have a ENERGETIC vibe to their event. Thank you Mikey!”

Michelle O., Bride

Mikey Beats was amazing! All of our guests had a blast and raved about how awesome he was! Thank you so much for making our day stellar!”

Angelica V., Bride

Mikey Beats killed it at my wedding! Highly recommend him and his services! Thanks!”

Sergio N., Groom

Mikey [Beats] is a pro at weddings at the Garty! Thanks for checking in :)”

Robyn F., Garty Pavilion

“After interviewing 5 DJs for our wedding, choosing Mikey Beats/SGM was a no brainer. We could tell he definitely knew what he was doing, had great recommendations but also was totally open and accommodating to what we wanted/needed for our big day. Our wedding ran so smoothly and everyone was dancing til the very end – for this we thank you Mikey!! I would recommend him to anyone!”

Sara B., Bride

“DJ Mikey Beats was the perfect DJ for our wedding. He is very good at what he does. We had him play at our wedding for the ceremony and reception.

Mikey has a music worksheet that you fill out and it will help him know what music to play when. We told him some specifics for the First Dance, Father / Daughter, etc. then asked him to play what he felt was best for the cocktail hour, dinner time, and dance floor. We trusted his experience to play the right music to fit the mood.

All the way through the night the music felt perfect. When it came to the dance floor it was NONSTOP jams to keep people dancing. We told him to keep it PG/PG-13 unless he could tell to escalate otherwise and he did just that.

He has a great mix for the money dance as well if that is something you plan on doing.

We will never forget ending the night playing Garth Brooks – Friends in Low Places and having all of our closest friends and family on the dance floor singing together. Perfect way to end the night!

If you are looking to have a PARTY at your wedding that you will never forget Mikey is your guy!”

Daniel K., Bride

“This guy is Mikey Beats awesome!! He totally understood what I was looking for in wedding music and honored my song requests along with my guests. It takes a skilled DJ to have our grandparents and our friends from college out dancing on the floor to the same songs. He even played a California medley that everyone loved, I HIGHLY recommend him!!”

Vanessa B., Bride

“Booking and working with SGM [Events] was a breeze. We are so grateful that Mikey [Beats] was available for our wedding reception, he did a fantastic job, and I can say without a doubt that things would not have gone as smoothly, or been as fun, without him keeping us on track.  He did a great job making sure all of our guests had a wonderful time from beginning to end, and we cannot thank him enough. We enthusiastically recommend working with Mikey and SGM for anyone we know who has any needs in the future. Thanks again for being such a critical part of our memorable day!”

Kirstin H., Brida

Mikey [Beats] was AMAZING! All of our friends and family keep talking about how unbelievable the music was and how he really kept the party going all night. We are SO happy we chose him. He was professional and fun and I don’t have a single complaint. He was amazing. I wish we could do it all over again!”

Julie A., Bride

Mikey [Beats] was an absolutely amazing DJ! He knew how to get the crowd going, when to play the appropriate music, and followed all requests perfect! Please pass the word on to Mikey that he is AMAZING and made my day even more special. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Angela D., Bride

“Our DJ, Mikey Beats was great. He was very responsive to our requests and his music selection was on point.”

Colin W., Groom

“We had such a great experience using SGM Events for our wedding. Everything went so smoothly…they were one of the best vendors to work with! Music was really important to us, and Mikey Beats was SO on-point and so much fun! He made sure he had everything down perfectly in terms of the scheduling, pronunciations of names for our entrances, etc. (And he made some super cool song transitions that we were hoping for!!) Everything leading up to the wedding was very easy as well! The team was super professional, punctual and organized. We didn’t have to follow up or repeat anything twice! Just perfect! We’ve been recommending them to our engaged friends and would recommend them again and again.”

Britt B., Bride

“DJ Mikey Beats performed amazingly at our July wedding and we couldn’t be any happier with our choice! Mikey is a truly multi-talented DJ. He was always professional and was accommodating to our ideas. We can’t thank Mikey enough for helping create a great evening.”

Joe D., Groom

“HIGHLY recommend SGM! DJ Mikey Beats has the best flow and recommendations for your wedding! You can tell he really knows what he is doing and enjoys doing it! The DJ is the most important part of your wedding as they set the mood. Mike had the party going on the dance floor until the very end. I am definitely referring him to all of our friends and family!”

Michelle T., Bride

“The event went phenomenally – Mikey Beats is great and even brought his American Flag suit to fit the theme.”

Samantha S., Destination Concepts

“Everything went flawlessly! I have always loved working with Mikey Beats. Thank you for everything!”

Sammi S., Destination Concepts

“Absolutely loved working with Mikey Beats! He fit in great with all of our friends and family and kept everyone dancing ALL night! Thank you for making our special day literally amazing. It wouldn’t have been the same without Mikey!”

Melissa H., Bride

“SGM Events was awesome. We booked DJ Mikey Beats for our ceremony and reception. SGM was quick to respond to all emails, and help with planning and coordination. Our wedding planner handled most of it, but we were in all the emails, so we got to see how they work. Mikey set up at both locations, volume, lighting, and his ability to read the crowd was all on point. Highly recommended, and I will use their services again the next time we have a party. Check them out on Wedding Wire and Facebook. Thanks SGM and Mikey!”

Alex M., Groom

“DJ Mikey Beats was the very first DJ that I met.  My sister and I met him at the bridal bazaar in 2015 and I wasn’t slated to be married until May 14th, 2016.  I walked up to him and we instantly connected!  Ended up, he had gotten married at my same venue years earlier! Scripps Seaside Forum.  He knew everything, he wanted to make sure that we had the best experience and even suggested things that I didn’t even think of to ensure each and every guest didn’t miss a minute of a speech, vows, or music.  He was just amazing! Book him, don’t even think about anybody else…. do it!”

Jessica B., Bride

Mikey Beats was great, organized and in time. His mix and song selections at the reception were fresh, not the typical boring wedding mix.”

Thomas B., Event Planner

Mikey Beats was the perfect DJ for us. My husband is very picky about music and wanted a certain vibe for different parts of the wedding. Luckily Mikey provides a worksheet that breaks down music needs for every part of the day: from seating music at the ceremony to the song for the last dance of the night. We were able to provide artists that we liked to give Mikey a sense of the vibe we were looking for, for dinner or for the cocktail hour and he matched it perfectly. Mikey knows his music and he knows how to read a crowd. He gave a nice balance of old hits and new hits to cater to the wide range of ages we had. He did our entire wedding, meaning ceremony and reception. His set up was seamless and he miked our officiate. He also worked well with our videographers so that they could link the sound systems together. Lastly, he does the uplighting for the room which is wonderful!

My favorite thing about Mikey is that he is more than just a DJ. He knows weddings REALLY well. He worked with our day-of coordinator and kept the night running on time. From grand entrance announcements, to toast, to cake cutting, he was on top of everything. Mikey, have you thought of being a wedding planner? ?

You and your day is in great hands with DJ Mikey Beats!’

Jennifer W., Bride

“DJ Mikey Beats came out to DJ for our Member adult Halloween party at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa. He was on-time, self-sufficient and came more than prepared with lighting and equipment. He made sure to play songs suitable to the event’s demographic and consistently checked in on his volume/song choices for any modifications. SGM events was so prompt with providing all necessary paperwork and made the whole process so easy. Definitely a DJ/company I would work with again for future Member events.”

Alexa Stevens, Omni La Costa

“We want to book him for next year Mikey Beats! As soon as I know we are having a party I will connect.”

Deanna Lund, Kratos Defense & Security Solutions

Mikey Beats has been and continues to be the best DJ we’ve ever had at our events.  We hope he sticks with us and we can continue to use him well into the future!!”

Meagan Carey, UCSD Health

“The event was awesome!  We had a wonderful time with Mikey Beats as our DJ.  I will be in touch next year when we figure out our schedule of events.”

Noelle F., Intercept Pharmaceuticals

“This review is long overdue! Mikey Beats was the DJ for our August Wedding and he KILLED IT! Blew every expectation out of the water! He is so professional and extremely knowledgeable! We had a few must plays and must NOT plays but for the most part, we left it in his hands and he definitely can read a crowd! Our wedding was almost 6 months ago and we still have people telling us how fun our reception was because the music was on point the whole time! We planned to have an 11:30 pm end time and at that point, we were so disappointed we didn’t make it later because everyone was having such a great time! I danced the majority of our reception, which FLEW by! But I guess the saying is true, time flies when you’re having fun! Thanks, Mikey Beats for exceeding our expectations! You are the best!”

Alyssa E., Bride

Mikey Beats was amazing! Not only was he professional, but he was extremely flexible and made the event run very smoothly. We were indecisive on what genre of music we should play and he was great with providing a wide mix of music which fit everyone’s style and got us all out on the dance floor. I will definitely be recommending this organization for future groups and events. Thank you!”

Christina Guzman, Hyatt Regency Mission Bay

Mikey Beats is great! I’ve been to a few events with him and also have referred him to lots of people.”

Jen Martin, Invictus Fitness

Mikey Beats was the highlight of the event! He was incredible from the beginning. He not only supported our music selection but he showed excitement to be DJing using our suggestions. He was professional. He kept the party going. He was even able to get grandma to dance! All the guests made comments about how awesome the DJ was. Thank you for making the night wonderful!”

Kelly F., Bride

“All was great!  The party was a huge success and the music [Mikey Beats] was perfect.”

Ryan Keithley, Hard Rock Hotel

“Words can’t describe how great Mikey Beats is. He is incredibly professional, so talented with music and knows how to get a wedding going. We kept the flow of event going all night.  The company is very reasonable and organized. I hope you get to have him at every event! Thanks, Mikey”

Sherron S., Bride

Mikey [Beats] was wonderful. We were nothing but continually impressed by the communication and organization leading up to and through our wedding. Thank you!!!!”

Audrey M., Bride

“Our event was awesome and Mikey [Beats] did a great job as always!”

Leslie Roach, Private Party

“SGM Events was wonderful! We worked with Mikey Beats as our wedding DJ and everything turned out wonderfully! All the correspondence with this group was professional and they were very responsive with questions and concerns! So many of our guests told us what a wonderful time they had and how great the music in particular was. Cannot recommend this vendor enough”

Laura R., Bride

Mikey Beats made our wedding the best night of our lives!!!”

Shifra R., Bride

“SGM Events was such a pleasure to work with from the start! DJ Mikey Beats killed it! He played all the right songs at the right moments and made sure to include our request. When we met with him, he was so knowledgeable about the whole wedding planning experience, we even jotted down a rough timeline for our entire wedding the moment we met, which is typically what the wedding coordinators do. He created such amazing energy and people were on the dance floor nonstop. Curt Owen played for our cocktail reception and ceremony. SGM Events referred them to us after we booked Mikey Beats and so many people complimented them. Curt plays acoustic guitar with a stand-up bass guitarist which really made the duo sound incredible. It was a perfect blend having the live music leading up to the dj set. Curt learned a couple new songs and was so nice throughout the entire process and eager to make sure the day went just how we wanted to. He did such an amazing job! The whole team at SGM was incredible to work. Everyone was very responsive whenever we had any questions. It was so nice to book everything under one company. I highly recommend SGM and we couldn’t be happier with our decisions, especially because the music plays such a big role in the entire event!”

Megan N., Bride

Mikey Beats was amazing!!! He played the best music ever. We didn’t want to stop dancing. Thank you so much for making our wedding perfect!”

Emily C., Bride

“Everything turned out great and our wedding was the best ever! We are really glad Mikey Beats took the time to meet with us before hand and everything he offered us was a total bonus. The actual wedding went smooth and everything looked and sounded great. We got many compliments on the lighting and the fun music! Thanks again!”

Samantha G., Bride

Mikey Beats was the DJ for our wedding reception at the Ultimate Skybox and he was fantastic! Mikey had the dance floor packed the whole night and our friends had such a fun time. I loved how he changed the lighting throughout the night to reflect the mood-amber lights for the first dance and purple later in the evening during open dance. Mikey is also a great MC-he led a group of 90 to do the Horah and has a great voice for announcing the wedding party/grand entrance. Leading up to the wedding, Mikey and his team at SGM Events were very responsive to e-mails and made sure we stayed on top of choosing our wedding reception songs. I would highly recommend DJ Mikey Beats and SGM events!”

Greta S., Bride

“If you are looking for the PERFECT DJ…look no further!! We chose Mikey Beats to DJ our wedding on 6/11/17. He was referred to us by a close friend and I’m so glad we chose him because he is the best in San Diego without a doubt!! He is incredibly professional and has an amazing gift for reading the crowd at your wedding.  He provided us with a worksheet to fill out prior to the event, but honestly, my husband and I trusted him so much that we only listed a few artists that we liked.  Mikey took it from there and created an unforgettable dinner atmosphere and dance party at our reception.  Every song he chose was the perfect fit and kept our dance floor packed the entire night!  All of my family and closest friends had such complimentary things to say about Mikey and I couldn’t agree more.  One friend even admitted that she thought about taking a break at one point in the night, but EVERY song was so good she just kept dancing.  Everything about Mikey makes him a great DJ for any event you might have and he really does go above and beyond.  His voice is perfect as an MC and keeping the crowd engaged, his musical knowledge and song selection will entertain your crowd no matter the age range and his upbeat personality makes him a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Mikey, for creating such a magical and musical night for us!  We had the best time and appreciate your hard work!”

Christine K., Bride

Mikey Beats did a fantastic job!! He nailed all the music and was very personable and professional. Thank you so much for making our wedding day perfect!!”

Sara W., Bride

“Fantastic job! Everybody loved Mikey Beats and the music selections. We could not have asked for anything more! Thank you!”

Caleb J., Groom

Mikey Beats was a true professional from start to finish. Not only did his style and flair work perfectly for our vision but he guided us seamlessly through the process to ensure that our wedding reception was flawless and that our guests from young to old all had music that they enjoyed the entire night. The room was set up beautifully and we never once had anything to think about logistically. We would recommend Mikey Beats wholeheartedly!”

Ryan B., Groom

“Working with Mikey Beats was a wonderful experience from start to finish. He had previous knowledge about the set up and lighting at our venue which was a huge help because it turned out fantastic. The music was high energy and kept people dancing all night! He was very kind and professional to us and we would totally recommend to future couples looking for a relaxed but talented DJ!”

Samantha G., Bride

Mikey Beats was awesome!! He did an amazing job (I knew he would be fun)!! He offered suggestions when our timeline got behind. He helped us to find an MP3 version of my aisle song that was only available on Vimeo. He offered after party suggestions AND was totally graceful when I randomly decided to get on the mic/stage and address my guests! We are happy all-around!”

Michelle A., Bride

Mikey Beats is the BEST BEATS BEAST there ever lived! Thank you!”

Sandra B., Bride

"Mikey Beats was wonderful! We received a lot of positive feedback from guests at how good the open dance playlist was!"

Lindsey W., Bride

“SGM & Mikey Beats were amazing. We as well as our guests had an amazing time and SGM set the tone!”

Bryan V., Groom

“Amazing… will be calling you again to request Mikey Beats

Robert Smythe, The Lot La Jolla

Mikey Beats is the best! I remember meeting him 5 years ago at a wedding. I asked for his card thinking – If I ever get married, this is the type of DJ I want… Our Father Daughter dance will be one to remember – Especially since my dad picked the worst song, and I really wanted something that reminded me of my Dad – The Eagles. Mikey did the right thing by playing what my dad wanted, but switching it up to make it the best dance ever. I will NEVER forget the look on my dad’s face when the Eagles started playing – His favorite! Just like me! Thanks SGM!”

Sandy B., Bride

Mikey Beats is amazing!!! The best DJ ever…I would just go ahead and book him now for our next holiday party if we had the date set. Lol.”

Jessica Nicholson, Chef Works Inc.

“Our event was great! Mikey [Beats] and his setup (especially the coordinated up lighting) were fantastic. I would highly recommend him and SGM.”

Heather S., Genomics Institute

Mikey [Beats] was amazing, as always! You’ll be hearing from us soon about booking the 2018 party!”

Maegen C., UCSD Health

“There are not enough words to express our gratitude and appreciation of how well Mikey [Beats] performed at the wedding. Not only was he amazing with us, he was beyond perfect with our guests. Even answering questions from my 8 year old niece on how to become a DJ. He was nothing but professional and kind and we can’t thank him enough for making our night so amazing. We talked with Mikey a few times before hand to be sure we were on the same page for music (discussing genres) but giving Mikey free range in music selections. We LOVED everything he played. Guests even continued coming up to us asking if the DJ would be willing to sell his playlist. They loved it. We danced. We partied. We had a rad night thanks to Mikey. He was even better then we could have imagined.”

Tabitha M., Bride

Mikey Beats was very professional, and picked a great selection of music. There was a little something for everyone. Thank you for everything.”

Margaret C., DCN

"Mikey Beats did a great job keeping everyone entertained. Thanks!”

Trisha A., First Solar

Mikey Beats DJ’d our wedding this past weekend and it was amazing! We were looking for someone who could really get the party started at our wedding as our two main objectives for our guests were that they have a good time and dance. Mikey was easy to work with, played all the right music and was liked so much by our guests that he joined the party from behind his table wearing our green party favor glasses and our guests were taking pictures with him and of him (totally found several Polaroid shots after the wedding). He fit seamlessly into our wedding and really helped pull it all together. He and our wedding coordinator did such a great job working together I didn’t have to think about a thing. We asked him to do a trivia game to release guests for dinner and although having never done that before got all the guests involved and brought up the energy in the room. I put together a short list of our music and likes and he was able to take that list and extrapolate a great music playlist that kept people dancing all night. If you’re looking for a DJ that can really get the crowd going at your wedding or event, Mikey is the guy.

Funny story-Mikey used to DJ at the Tavern and after speeches, Mikey shares with us, he used to work there and we put together that Mikey was DJ’ing the night my husband and I met at the Tavern 8 years ago!”

Bobbie S., Groom

Mikey [Beats] was amazing! All of our requests were honored and he kept the party going!”

Brooke W., Bride

"We recently had Mikey Beats for our son’s bar mitzvah and he was AMAZING!! Trying to keep a mob of 13 year olds engaged and pleasing the drinking adults who just want to dance is no small feat… he played perfectly to both crowds! His MC skills are pretty on point as well, helped lead through the speeches and traditional dancing afterwards like a pro! Could not recommend him more… thanks SGM!!!"

Cristal G., Client

"Everyone I worked with was SO helpful, nice, and helped make sure I had everything I needed for my wedding. I could not have asked for a better team to work with! I would HIGHLY recommend!! They kept the party alive all day and night!! Mikey [Beats] was our DJ and he showed up early to set up, had multiple calls to go over the day, and put me at ease!"

Nicole M., Bride