The Dos and Don’ts of Your Wedding Cake

The Dos and Don’ts of Your Wedding Cake

Whether you are obsessed with having a traditional wedding cake or you want something a little less conventional, there are some tips that apply to just about every situation. Here are some dos and don’ts to help you plan for your wedding cake.

  • Do know what you can spend – If the wedding cake isn’t that important to you, keep the budget smaller (you can even get cupcakes for about $3/each). If you don’t have the money, keep the budget smaller. If money is no option and the cake is a must, you can go all out and spend $30 a slice. Just have a number in mind before you start shopping.
  • Don’t forget the season – Some cakes will do better depending on the weather conditions. Knowing the expected temperature, humidity levels, and whether you plan on having the wedding indoors or outside will make a big difference to your baker.
  • Do set up a beautiful table – Decorating the table nicely will make it a centerpiece for the reception and beautiful spot for pictures during the cake cutting.
  • Don’t forget to eat some yourselves – In the rush of the evening, some couples never get a piece of their own cake. Even if you have to have the caterer wrap a few slices to go, be sure to have some for yourselves.

Do Pick the Right Song for the Cake Cutting

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