Steve and Jeannie – Omni La Costa Resort & Spa

A Reception at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa

A Wedding on the Greens

Omni La Costa Resort & Spa is the perfect event venue with event spaces over looking the perfectly kept greens of the golf course. There are many options for ceremony sites around the resort with many rooms and open spaces to select for events. I am only a wedding DJ there regularly but I also do corporate events for Destination Management Companies.

Steve and Jeannie reached out to me through the venue and they lived in Nevada. She wanted to have a party and he wanted to drink beer with his friends and family, haha. Steve had a career as a sky diving instructor and I believe that’s how they met. Previous he was a Navy SEAL with much jump experience which lead him into his instruction career. Overall they wanted a small intimate wedding with their closest friends and family.

“Free Fallin'” Into Love

My services started at the cocktail reception where they wanted me to MC a very special moment. The groom was to jump out of a helicopter and parachute onto the putting green in front of the cocktail reception area! Everything was to be timed out perfectly with a stunt coordinator. My music and announcing for the guests to look up in the sky needed to be perfect. When I took my position at the speaker and grabbed the mic, I looked up to see that a heavy marine layer had rolled in. Undeterred, the groom and stunt coordinator stayed the course and wanted to execute. I got the signal form the stunt coordinator to start the music which was Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’” which was appropriate in many ways. Tom Petty had just passed away a couple days earlier.

After getting the signal to announce the jump to the guests, I made the announcement for everyone to look up. Right as I said that the groom free fell through the marine layer, pulled his cord and deployed the chute. This seemed to be at the last minute because the marine layer was so low. The crowd gasped as the parachute quickly opened and then cheered as he gained control and safely but quickly ascended down to his awaiting bride. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as the bride and groomed embraced in a hug and kissed.
Check out this video of his entrance!

After a grand entrance like that, how could you possibly entertain your guests more so? They knew how. The groom’s daughter set up her keyboard with a mic and sang the first dance song in perfect pitch. This wedding was one for the record books.

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