Tips to Help You Get your Wedding Music Right

Tips to Help You Get your Wedding Music Right

While many components of a well-crafted wedding can lead to added stress, your music doesn’t have to be one of them. Here are a few tips to help you get the music right at your wedding and maybe even have a little fun with the planning part.

  • Choose the right DJ – An experienced wedding DJ can make the entire process easier for you. While you will still want to play an active role in the must-play and do-not-play lists, you won’t have to handpick every song for the evening.
  • Avoid the common mistakes – From choosing songs with explicit lyrics while your grandparents will still be around to selecting a song that is way too long for your first dance at the reception, be sure to avoid the major mistakes that people make when preparing their wedding music.
  • Choose the dances you want – Of course, you will need a song for your first dance, but what other special dances will you have? Common ideas include a father-daughter dance, mother and son dance, and an anniversary dance.

Let DJ Mikey Beats Help Make Planning Your Music Fun

When you work with an experienced wedding DJ, everything becomes easier. DJ Mikey Beats has the song choices and DJ equipment to help your guests enjoy the evening to the full while also assisting to ensure that the background music runs smoothly as guests enter the ceremony or during the meal. To learn more, call 858.270.2195 now, or you can submit an inquiry online.

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