Benefits of Legalizing Your Marriage

Benefits of Legalizing Your Marriage

If you and your partner are already happy with the arrangement you have, is there any benefit to legalizing your marriage? Besides the benefits that come from this process for those who are religious, here are some other perks of throwing a wedding and making this official with the government.

  • Tax Benefits – Not only do married couples get some great tax breaks, but you can also simplify the entire process by filing jointly.
  • Other Financial and Legal Benefits – You may not be thinking about this now if you are still young, but there are social security benefits to being married. There are also benefits when it comes to retirement accounts and to estate planning.
  • Health and Emotional Benefits – Even if you are not religious yourselves, if your families are, they may breathe a sigh of relief once you legalize your marriage. Besides this, you can get some benefits when it comes to health insurance, especially if only one member of the couple has benefits through work. Finally, according to some research, married couples live longer, have a lower risk of depression, and produce more serotonin.

Planning a Wedding to Celebrate the Paperwork

Why go through the paperwork without having the party too? After all, you’ve got plenty to celebrate. Besides your love, you get all the benefits noted above!

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