Brandon and Erica – Solitude Mountain Resort

Ceremony at Solitude Mountain Resort

Destination Wedding DJ

Solitude Mountain Resort in Utah is a great place to ski, or so I have heard. When the snow melts, it’s a gorgeous place to get married, that I know. My friends Brandon and Erica decided to get married there away form San Diego because their guest list at home would have been over 300 people. By having a destination wedding, they got the guest list down to around 150 people.

Planning a destination wedding can be difficult for a wedding DJ but I view it as a challenge. I enjoy the challenge of having to find resources in another city to execute a wedding. Sometimes it’s easy where a rental company or event planner can provide all the speakers, microphones and cables. Other times I have to find all this gear on my own, organize the pick up or delivery then get it all back. It’s a lot of work, but again, I enjoy it.

Packing For A Road Trip

In this case, Brandon rented a large RV that had plenty of space to take what he needed from San Diego to Utah. Before he left, I packed all my gear for him to take. This required me to thoroughly plan out exactly what I needed to send. I was in contact with the site coordinator and received all the measurements of the ceremony, cocktail reception and reception areas. That enabled me to pack my gear properly.

Once we all arrived, we had a wonderful weekend together on top of a beautiful mountain resort. To top it all off, the next morning, there was a partial eclipse of the sun that we all got to share together.

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