Tips for Getting Your Wedding DJ Selection Just Right

Tips for Getting Your Wedding DJ Selection Just Right

Your wedding DJ is going to be the primary entertainer for the evening, but it is still your special day. So how can you hire the right person to ensure that everyone has a great time but the DJ isn’t an attention hog? Here are a few tips.

  • Read online reviews – People give away a lot of good information in reviews, even if they don’t know what you’re going to want to hear about. Clients will complain if the DJ steals the show and does nothing but talk. A DJ who lets the music do the talking will have a lot of great reviews, and someone is sure to mention that he knew when to stay quiet.
  • Discuss the volume – A pro should be able to read a room and know the right volume to play music at, but if you have a preference, you should feel free to discuss it beforehand, and you should feel like you are being heard. A good idea is to seat elderly ones away from the DJ so they can enjoy conversation in a quieter part of the room.
  • Check out the equipment – You want to be sure your DJ has good sound equipment, a reputation for being early enough to set up properly, and a willingness to work with you if someone wants to give a speech or sing a song.

The Most Professional San Diego Wedding DJ Services

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