Trending Tips for Developing a Killer Wedding Playlist

Trending Tips for Developing a Killer Wedding Playlist

You want all of your friends to be up on the dance floor having a memorable time at your wedding. So how can you make sure your playlist will get them out there? The first step is to hire the right wedding DJ, someone who can read the crowd and curate the tunes perfectly. However, you also want to play an active role in selecting songs for the playlist. Here are a few tips:

  • Base your decisions on experience – What songs get everyone out on the dance floor at your friends’ weddings? Since you may have a lot of the same people at your reception, you know a few songs that really work.
  • Crowdsource – Send out an email blast to the guest list and ask for requests in advance. Be sure to play the songs that get the most requests.
  • Do a Google search – You can search for things like “Top Wedding Songs of 2019” and then play the songs to see if you like them.
  • Ask your DJ – You may be able to provide genres instead of individual songs and let your DJ make a few of the executive choices throughout the evening. Perhaps you can prepare a list of songs you definitely do not want to have played, so those can be avoided.

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