Tips for Keeping Your Wedding Exciting

Tips for Keeping Your Wedding Exciting

While the wedding is all about the happy couple, you want your guests to have a good time too. How can you keep the evening exciting for everyone, while still doing everything you want to do on your big day? Here are a few tips.

  • Maintain the schedule – Start the ceremony on time and be sure to have the meal on time. Those are the biggest deadlines to hit if you want the evening to move at a good pace. Know when other events like toasts and the cake cutting are supposed to occur, so everyone isn’t standing around while the bride or groom is in the bathroom.
  • Choose the right venue – Make sure there is plenty of space and ambiance for guests. Sufficient bathrooms also help everyone to feel comfortable.
  • Plan the speeches – If you are going to have speeches, make sure there is a time limit, so they don’t drag on. Choose the speakers wisely and ensure that there is a microphone so everyone can hear what is said.
  • Hire the right entertainment – Hiring a professional wedding DJ can make sure that everyone is having a great time, even after the happy couple makes an early exit to go on their honeymoon.

San Diego’s Experienced Wedding DJ

DJ Mikey Beats, based out of San Diego, is an experienced wedding and club DJ. If you want your guests to have a great time, having a DJ who can take a backseat to the bride and groom but still work the crowd is a must. Call 858.270.2195 today for booking inquiries, or you can get a quote online.

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