Genres You Don’t Want to Forget When Planning Your Wedding Music

Genres You Don’t Want to Forget When Planning Your Wedding Music

When you hire a wedding DJ, you need to think about things like a must-play list and do-not-play list. You also have to consider the genres of music that you want to play to ensure your DJ knows how to blend the type of music that you want played at your wedding into the mix seamlessly. Here are a few genres that sometimes get skipped that you should be thinking about because they make for a great mix at a wedding.

  • Ballroom – The styles of dance that go along with ballroom music can be intimidating for those with no formal training, but you can add a fun little element to the reception by having a knowledgeable couple give a brief lesson during the evening and then having a few ballroom songs played.
  • Swing – While swing dance may require a learning curve, there are always a few couples at a wedding who know what they are doing. Plus, the beat is repeating so even if someone has no formal training, they can usually bounce along to the rhythm.
  • Latin – From bachata to salsa, there are plenty of favorites in this genre. Again, with knowledge of how to do all the right steps or not, people are sure to enjoy the beat. And there are always a few couples who are sure to tear up the dancefloor.

The Right Wedding DJ for Your Ceremony and Reception

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