2020 Wedding Trends to Watch

2020 Wedding Trends to Watch

If you are planning a wedding in 2020, what are some of the top trends that you should know about? There are many things to think about, from planning the meal and décor to hiring the right wedding DJ. Here are a few ways to stay modern while you make your vows.

  • Eco-friendly – However you do it, sustainability is a must in 2020. Chose a caterer who shops with local growers, select an energy-efficient venue, don’t offer plastic straws, or find another way to be socially conscious.
  • Diet-friendly menus – Whether you are inviting a vegan, someone with a gluten sensitivity, or a friend who is just trying to eat healthier, be sure that your menu is inclusive so that no one has to bring their own meal or go hungry.
  • LED lighting – This is a great way to go eco-friendly and enhance the existing lighting at your venue. LED lighting is attractive, affordable, and allows you to do some amazing things with lights.
  • Unique table shapes – Rather than having the standard round or rectangular tables, mix it up with some unique tables. Just remember that you may end up paying more for the tablecloth rental if you need custom sizes.
  • Luxury charcuterie – After the cake cutting, give your guests a savory option with a beautifully decorated cheese table. Or you can open with the cheese table during the cocktail hour.

Don’t Forget the Entertainment!

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