Setting a Timeline for Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Setting a Timeline for Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception

When it comes to your wedding, how you choose to time the ceremony and reception is up to you. However, there are many considerations, including things you will need to discuss with your wedding DJ. With that in mind, here is a sample wedding ceremony and reception schedule that highlights all the important music moments.

• 4:00 Ceremony – There will be processional songs for the wedding party and for the bride. However, music may start up to a half-hour beforehand to welcome guests.

• 4:30 Cocktail Hour – This gives your guests time to get situated, start mingling, and enjoy a drink and some appetizers. Usually, there is some soft music in the background.

• 5:45 After the guests transition from the Cocktail Hour to the dinner reception, typically there is a Grand Entrance for the bridal party and wedding couple, then a first dance and then a welcome speech done either by a Matriarch/Patriarch of the family or the wedding couple.

• 6:00 Dinner – It is time to eat! Please don’t try and cram in events during the dinner. Let the guests enjoy their meals and talk amongst themselves. This is a good opportunity for the wedding couple to got table to table to say hello.

• 7:00 Toasts – It is recommend to choose 1-2 people to represent each side of the wedding couple’s family and friends. Always try and Kent short and NEVER open the speeches to anyone who wants to say something. That can get awkward!

• 7:15 Organized Dances – This can be the parent dances (Father/Daughter and /or Mother Son dances) Money dance and/or anniversary dance.

• 7:30 Open Dancing – Let’s Party! It’s very important that once the dance floor is activated by an organized dance to open it up to every one else immediately after. This gives people the chance to dance, go to the bar or use any other amenities like a photo booth. This also gives the staff a chance to clear the tables of the dinner plates.

• 8:00 Cake Cutting – Select a fun song while you cut the cake together.

• 8:05 Bouquet/Garter Toss – The cake cutting takes the attention away from the dance floor so bring them back to it with the Bouquet and/or Garter toss.

Again, this is just a sample, and your timeframe may be different. It just gives you some ideas to think about.

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