The Top Ideas for Fall Wedding Favors in 2019

The Top Ideas for Fall Wedding Favors in 2019

As a professional wedding DJ, I notice a lot of the trends that go on at weddings. For example, more and more wedding guests want the favors to be something useful rather than something that gets kept in a drawer until it is finally thrown away. Here are some practical trends for wedding favors in fall 2019.

  • Edible favors – Give your guests a snack! From macarons to cider donuts to s’mores ingredients, there are plenty of ways to give your guests a tasty treat before the meal and still evoke the flavors of the season.
  • Scented soaps – Have the label on small bars of soap custom printed to commemorate your wedding. Then purchase scents like maple syrup, apple cinnamon, pumpkins spice, and other autumn favorites.
  • Tasty teas – Use personalized tea bag labels to customize fall-flavored teas into the perfect wedding favors.
  • Matches – Matchboxes with the couples’ name and anniversary may be an old trend that is coming back. It can be particularly good in fall when people are having bonfires, going camping, or using grills. Just make sure guests know it’s not okay to use them to sneak a smoke in the bathroom.
  • Lip balm – Heading into the colder weather means lips get chapped more often. Help everyone enjoy your romantic celebration with soothing lip balms. And don’t forget the fall flavors!

Impress Your Guests with the Right Favors and the Right Wedding DJ

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