Tyler and Jessica – Scripps Seaside Forum

Ceremony at Scripps Seaside Forum

La Jolla Wedding

I could be a wedding DJ at Scripps Seaside Forum every weekend and would never get sick of it. To me, it’s the perfect venue with a beautiful view of the beach and ocean. They have a very talented preferred vendors list that I am honored to be a part of. When I received the list of vendors on this wedding I saw that the veteran Pastor Mike was giving the vows. I knew this couple had done their home work.

Tyler and Jessica where looking for a good time and expressed to me how much their family liked to dance. I had met Tyler many years before when he was a manger at The Wave House in Mission Beach San Diego where I would frequently DJ summer sets. Since he was familiar with my DJing experience, he just handed me list of 45 songs and told me to keep him on the dance floor all night.

Excellent Toasts

The toasts stick out to me the most from this wedding as every toaster seemed to have public speaking experience and so much love for the bride, groom and all their family. The sister of the bride spoke of how well the groom fit in with their family as if he has always been there. She also mentioned that his video game dance skills were of a very high caliber. The best man, a close friend of the groom, complimented how the bride fit into their group of friends perfectly and complimented the groom’s strengths and weaknesses. Kind words of love from close friends and family are as warm as hugs.

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