Debunking the Worst Wedding DJ Myths

Debunking the Worst Wedding DJ Myths

People have some pretty wild ideas when it comes to wedding DJs. Here are a few myths that surround this profession:

  • Wedding DJs don’t like requests – I love requests and here’s why; some songs could be family favorites but did not make it on the play list and sometimes the bride and groom don’t take into consideration what the guests want to hear. Certain songs can be anthems at family parties and can really make precious moments at weddings. I love speaking with family members because I can get to know the family history and express it through music. With all the decisions the bride and groom need to make in organizing a wedding, sometimes the music details aren’t expressed. This is why I love requests.
  • If you’ve heard one DJ, you’ve heard them all – All DJs have their own unique experience and strengths. For a wedding, you want a professional wedding DJ, but also someone with mixed experienced such as in clubs to ensure that the entertainment will fit any audience.
  • Anyone can DJ your wedding – I guess if you don’t care about the music or how much fun your guests have, this is true. But if you want your reception to be the bash of the century, then you need to hire a professional, not have someone stand in the corner with an iPhone and a “wedding beats” playlist.

Hire the Best San Diego Wedding DJ for Your Big Day

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