Luke and Jackie @ Bali Hai

I have worked with Jackie through Destination Concepts Inc, which is a destination management company here in San Diego who frequently hires me for corporate events as well as their personal weddings. Jackie and Luke were looking to have a lot of classic rock and recognizable tunes at on their big day and I obliged. There was no shortage of dance moves on the dance floor from all the guests nor was there a shortage of stiff drinks from the bar.

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Todd and Yesenia @ Mt Woodson Castle

This was my second time doing Mt Woodson Castle and my third wedding within this group of friends. I don’t mind being passed around a group of friends as their preferred wedding Dj, in fact I prefer this type of referral because i am already familiar with the guests and their music tastes. Random fact, this was a night where the moon was in it’s “Blood Moon’ phase. Another random fact, many feet were hurting the next day as well as sore arms form fist pumping and dancing.

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Beau and Megan @ L’Auberge

This was my first wedding at L’Auberge and my services started on the top deck for dinner. I laid out a couple speakers for full coverage of the deck with a wireless mic for toasts and an iPod for background music. The sunset view was breath taking and the guests were all friends of mine. The dancing reception was held downstairs where I thumped and bumped music for a few hours as the family and friends celebrated.

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Bobby and Kaylyn @ SD Rowing Club’s Garty Pavilion

The Garty Pavilion

Big shout out to the event staff at Garty for referring me another wedding at their fun venue! Why do I say it is fun? Because it is on a peninsula in the middle of a bay in gorgeous San Diego! What’s better than a wedding in the sand in flip flops and watching the sun set over Mission Beach? I think this may have been the 12th time I have Dj’d this venue, but who’s counting?

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Nick and Sara @ SD Rowing Club’s Garty Pavilion

I was referred to Sarah and Nick through the venue and we set a meeting at my restaurant just blocks away from the venue. We talked music and wedding planning over a couple beers and tacos. All they wanted to do at their wedding was have a great time and dance the night away. All I wanted to do was give them what they wanted.

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Jayme and Kaylee @ Marina Village

Jayme is from the family of a couple of my close friends. When I got the call to be the dj for her and her bride, I jumped at the opportunity. Regardless of religion, race, nationality or sexual preference, if you hire me as your DJ, I will represent you musically and guide you through one of the best days of you and your loved one’s lives.

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Ben and Marissa @ Grand Tradition

I met Ben back when there was a bar in downtown San Diego called Fleetwood where I would Dj and he would bar tend and manage. As it goes, he moved on in life and met the love of his life Marissa and shot me a call to make his big day memorable and entertaining. The familiar faces of the guests and the beauty of the venue made my job very enjoyable. I am truly fortunate to do what I do.

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David and Amber @ Scripps Seaside Forum

Scripps Seaside Forum

I have known Amber for years through multiple mutual fiends in Pacific Beach and from the hotel she works is a queen bee at, the Catamaran. When Amber asked me to be her wedding DJ, the honor of being a DJ for a woman who knows every event DJ in the city was truly humbling. Add that to her getting married at the same venue I got married at, and you have me with a smile on my face.

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Larry and Vanessa @ Coronado Community Center

Poor Larry and Vanessa, they hired an acoustic act and then had to fire him because he promised more than he could deliver. He called me in to help out, but once they fired him, I came to the rescue! They had a ceremony on the beach, which beach weddings are nice, but they get to be a hassle for guests if they are long. I believe that the CCC has a very pretty lawn that is ideal for a ceremony. They had a Paella guy come out and serve up the guests before I served the beats.

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