Ryan and Liz @ La Jolla Women’s Club

Ryan and Liz were referred to me from Auriel at the La Jolla Women’s Club, She used to be the event sales manager at SD Rowing Club’s Garty Pavilion but she moved over to the LJWC and with her move, she packed me in her briefcase and made me her preferred DJ. I have done many events with Auriel and admire her hard work ethic while maintaining a very calm and cool attitude even in the face of stressful wedding situations.

On this day my pal acoustic guitarist and singer Matt Commerce played the cermony and cocktail reception while I took over during the reception. The versatility of the venue with four different areas to move your guests around is excellent and the gardening is very admirable.

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Greg and Diana @ The Dana

Diana is a friend if mine that I have known for years who used to come see me play when I first started DJing and we even played indoor soccer together on a coed team. When she called me to tell me she was getting married, I knew the man had to be a good one and as it it turned out, Greg was a great one! Between his requests for reggae and her requests for hip hop and r&b, we had many hours of great music and big smiles.

Once again, the Dana delivered a gorgeous ceremony with the beautiful Mission Bay as the back drop. Big shout out to my homie Adrienne, the event manager at The Dana!

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Welk Resorts Holiday Party @ Parq

Coproate Event Parq nightclub

With the holiday party season coming to an end, i closed it out with my client Welk Resort at Parq Nightclub. I was super excited to play at Parq as it was one of San Diego’s premiere night clubs and to give you an idea of what goes on there, I played there on a Monday after a weekend that saw performances by Drake, T.I. and Imagine Dragons. Once I dropped my first track on that Funktion 1 sound system, I knew we were all in for a treat. This is one of the few event clients that I can really use my skills as a club DJ uninhibited and not shackled to a clean version only playlist. I can only imagine how bad the hangovers were the next day!

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Deckers Outdoor Corp Holiday Party

Back in 2009 I traveled the nation with Monster Energy Drink as their official DJ for their Supercross, Motocross and C.O.R.E. I got on the tour through a buddy of mine Seth. Fast forward a few years and Seth is now working for Teva and referred me to be the Dj for the parent company’s holiday party. Decker’s owns many brands including Sanuk and Ugg boots, so it is a very large outdoor sports corporation based in Goleta CA.

At first I thought it would be your typical holiday party with dinner and drinks but once I got on the conference call about the party, I realized this would be a huge production. This event was Western themed so i had to dress up and customize my play list to cater to the theme. These are the types of events I LOVE. The music format was older country first and as the alcohol hit the blood stream and after the CEO speech, I was to crank it up. We had a blast!

To give you an idea of the amount of planning and production that went into this, when I parked in the lot outside of their warehouse, I noticed a huge bull tied to a trailer with about 30 bails of hay being transported into the warehouse. When I got in the warehouse, it was as if I was walking down the O.K. Corral complete with a Saloon, Brothel and a jail. They also hired several actors to play roles like sheriff, town drunk and gogo dancers to really put you in the theme. Great time!

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Chef Works Holiday Party @ Stone Brewing Liberty Station

This is a perfect example of how powerful having a good DJ at a holiday party can change an event manager’s perception of their co-workers. Originally the dinner was supposed to be outside but it was raining so the contingency plan was to have everyone crowd into an event space that was small for the crowd size. I spoke with one of the mangers of Chef Works and told her there was no dance floor where I was setting up. She replied, “Trust me, these people won’t dance. They are talkers and will just want to talk.” In my head I was like, “Then why did you hire a DJ?” but to her, I politely fell in line with her vision and took my place in the corner. I noticed the energy after dinner was quite low so I start doing some of my standard 80’s themed routines which are less catered to dancing and more catered to a DJ performance. After I grabbed their attention and they started to sing along, I gradually increased the energy of the music and the volume too. Within 20 minutes people were dancing wherever they could find space and the energy was super high. Never under estimate the power of music nor the yearning of a cubicle mate to dance their ass off, especially with a couple Stone IPAs in them!

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Dan and Stephanie @ Pala Mesa Resort

Another wonderful wedding at the Pala Mesa Resort in Fallbrook and another couple ringing in their marriage with a couple of tugs on the bell rope! To give you an idea of how fun Dan and Stephanie were to work with, they wanted to start the procession with Europe’s “The Final Countdown!” Seeing fun requests like this on a music sheet really makes my job that much more fun!

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UCSD ER Holiday @ Hyatt Regency Mission Bay

It was that time of the year again for the UCSD ER Holiday party! Luckily the woman of my dreams who I married happens to be an ER nurse at UCSD, hence how I got this gig. What’s amazing about these nurses is that they will save your life and show you how to party on their time off! As soon as the dinner service was over, the dance floor got packed and stayed packed for 4 straight hours!

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Brian and Marisol @ Estancia Hotel

These kids were referred to me by my good friend Tony Law. He said they love to club and he made sure they hired me to ignite the open dancing. I don’t recall meeting them before their wedding day, which I don’t usually do, but after a long phone call, we were all on the same page and they contracted me. The Estancia is a gorgeous venue and I always enjoy working with the staff.

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Kerianne and Tovin @ Pala Mesa Resort

Pala Mesa Resort

I love these kids! We met through a mutual friend years ago and have shared food at many BBQs in the beach area. These are the people that you say ‘They are meant for each other.’ When I found out they were getting married at Pala Mesa, I affirmed their decision as Pala is a beautiful venue. I especially love the ceremony at the base of a hill and the bell tower. When the B&G ring the bell when they get married, I get really excited! I about died laughing when Tovin took my wireless mic and recited Biggie’s “Hypnotize,” while standing in the middle of the dance floor.

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Grant and Ashley @ Twin Oaks Golf Course

I know Grant through my good friend Dominic, they are cousins. We got to go on a snowboarding trip to Mammoth where I really got to know him and he is a great dude. I was honored that he chose me as his DJ and I was very excited to meet his bride to be. They complimented each other very well and I complimented their musical tastes. Another great day with great people!

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