Dominic and Emily – Private Residence in Glendale

A Ceremony Recession

My Friends Got Married

Oh these two, I love them! I have known Dominic for years first meeting him at a long gone night club in San Diego called Aubergine. Dom was a bartender and I was a DJ. Our friendship expanded beyond the club and into each others personal lives. I can’t type how many times we hung out at each other’s house, bars, clubs, Las Vegas and on the golf course laughing and playing practical jokes on each other and others as well. As time went on, he met his wife to be Emily and there couldn’t be a better match for my good friend. Emily is a strong willed and beautiful woman with a great sense of humor. She lights up the room when she walks into it and brings a smile to Dom’s face whenever she is near.

Glendale Wedding

Emily grew up in Glendale on a big piece of property that had been in their family for generations. This is where they had their wedding and many family members had gotten married there before them. I was a guest at this wedding but played a big part in organizing the DJ, music and announcements. It’s a pleasure and an honor to be able to provide my friends with my knowledge and expertise of weddings. The drinks were flowing and the smiles were worn with warmth. This was my favorite wedding of this season, no doubt.

I knew most of the guests there so I knew what music to play. The night went on for hours with high energy music and free flowing booze. The last song of the evening was Garth Brooke’s “Friend’s in Low Places.”

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