Pro Tips for Having Better Music at Your Wedding

Pro Tips for Having Better Music at Your Wedding

The music is an important aspect of wedding festivities for most couples and their guests. So how can you be sure that your reception is one to remember? Here are some tips from a professional wedding DJ to help you have better music at your wedding.

  • Hire a pro – Don’t let someone DJ your wedding from a smartphone with a Bluetooth speaker. You get poor sound quality and amateur music selection (just to quickly name a couple of the problems).
  • Have a must-play list – If there are songs that you absolutely have to hear throughout the evening, this is the time to let your DJ know so that they are definitely on the list.
  • Have a do-not-play list – This is just as important. You don’t want a song you hate played at your wedding because someone requested it.
  • Choosing processional songs and your first dance – The timing is just as important as the melody with these songs, so make sure that you have a song that hits a crescendo at just the right moment for the bride to walk down the aisle and a first dance that doesn’t leave you out on the dance floor for an embarrassingly long time.

San Diego Based Professional Wedding DJ

DJ Mikey Beats is a professional wedding DJ based in the San Diego area. If you want professional equipment, high-quality music, and the experience of a club DJ, call 858.270.2195 today, or you can get a quote online.

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