Don’t Make These Music Mistakes at Your Wedding Reception

Don’t Make These Music Mistakes at Your Wedding Reception

Music plays a key role in both the wedding ceremony and the reception. Today, we are going to take a look at a few of the most common music mistakes that couples make when it comes to the reception.

  • Not leaving setup time – Speak with your DJ in advance to see how much setup time is needed (it will probably be less if he is familiar with the venue). Then ensure that you have the venue early enough for the DJ to set up properly before guests begin to arrive.
  • Drowning out conversation – A professional wedding DJ should be able to moderate the volume so those on the dance floor are pumped up while the guests who are talking can hear each other. Seating older ones who are unlikely to dance further from the DJ is also a good idea.
  • Selecting a marathon first-dance – Ultimately, everyone gets uncomfortable when a first-dance goes on and on, including the bride and groom. Unless you’ve choreographed a full performance to entertain your guests, try to keep the song time under five minutes. There’s nothing wrong with a three-minute song either. Your photographer will still have plenty of time to grab some great pics.

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