Mark and Melissa – Ethereal Open Air Resort

Set table at Ethereal Open Air Resort in Escondido CA

A Week Day Wedding

Ethereal Open Air Resort in Escondido California is right off the 15 freeway and down a dirt road. The road opens up to this beautifully laid out estate with many structures surrounded with well kept greenery. It’s hard for me to describe the decor because a lot of it seems random but it all makes sense. It’s like a hipster, Masonite carpenter bought a summer christian retreat camp, then married a woman who owns an antique rental company and the both renovated the property. One thing that grabbed my attention was the crystal clear door knobs on all the doors inside the main house called the Marquis. Overtime I touched one of those I thought about David Bowie in Labyrinth.

A Nurse Wedding

Mark and Melissa found me because Melissa works with my wife as a nurse at UCSD La Jolla. She had seen me play at their company holiday party which I have done for many years now. Side note, when nurses party they RAGE. Anyways, Mel hit me up to be her wedding DJ and I was honored.

The ceremony was under a metallic gazebo on a swath of lawn about as big as a football field. Cocktails were had underneath this massive outdoor patio with no sides that also seemed as big as a football field. The dinner was held on the lawn outside of the Marquis room and the dancing was inside the marquis.

This was a Thursday wedding which of course is out of the norm but this crowd partied like it was a Saturday night. The beats were banging and the drinks were flowing.

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