3 Reasons to Avoid Songs with Explicit Lyrics at Your Wedding

3 Reasons to Avoid Songs with Explicit Lyrics at Your Wedding

If you’ve been to a club lately, you probably notice that many of the best songs to dance to contain explicit lyrics. However, you may want to find other songs to play at your wedding reception. Here are three reasons to have your wedding DJ avoid music with explicit lyrics at your reception.

  • Kids – If there are going to be any children invited to the wedding, music with explicit lyrics will be a big no-no. While some parents may not care what type of music their children listen to, you shouldn’t be making the decision for all of the parents in attendance at the wedding. If you invite families, the assumption will be that the reception is going to be family friendly.
  • Your parents – Your parents may have grown up during the time when explicit lyrics labels were just beginning to be placed on music for the first time. In this case, they are probably more sensitive to the lyrics of music than the modern generation. You want your entire family to be able to enjoy their evening.
  • Your grandparents – Are grandma and grandpa still around to see your big day? Then the last thing you want is for them to feel like they were not considered when the wedding arrangements were made. You don’t need to stick completely to older styles of music, but there should be a good mix. At the very least, you can avoid songs with language that will shock the older generation.

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