Corporate Event – Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado

Corporate Event DJ

The Hotel Del Coronado is as iconic to the San Diego skyline as is the Coronado Bridge. I get the honor to perform there as a corporate event DJ a few times a year. Sometimes my clients want me to provide music for awards shows while others just want me to ignite the dance floor. On this occasion, I was to play music to set the vibe.

Event on the sand

I had been prepped by the event organizer that the event was on the beach. When I walked up, the size and scale of the event was much bigger than I thought. The site was roughly 150 yards by 150 yards. There was a massive bar in the middle of the site with two long buffet lines stacked with seafood and other goodies on the North and South sides. The stage was on the east side facing the ocean.

Yacht Rock

I was to have an hour and a half set before the band played and then another hour after. My original plan for music was to play mostly beach acoustic music like Jack Johnson and some reggae. Once I set up and felt the vibe, I changed directions and decided to go with Yacht Rock. Yacht Rock is 70’s and 80’s soft rock from bands like Hall and Oates, Orleans, Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald and many others. As the event filled in, I quickly realized I had made the right change. The group’s age was between 40-60 and mostly men. The soundtrack I laid out had many singing along and playing name that tune.

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