Important Song Choice Considerations at Your Wedding

Important Song Choice Considerations at Your Wedding

If you hire a professional wedding DJ, there are going to be a few things that you will have to discuss in advance, including the must-play list and a do-not-play list. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • The must-play will include the song you want to use for your first dance, as well as any other songs that absolutely must be played during the evening. This includes music that you like to listen to daily, your favorite artists, and favorite genres.
  • The do-not-play list includes specific songs, artists and whole genres of music that you do not like. It can also include songs with explicit language.
  • You may also consider holding off on certain songs, such as explicit songs, until the oldest and youngest guests have gone home for the evening.

Hire the Right Wedding DJ

DJ Mikey Beats is happy to meet your music needs for the evening while still keeping everyone happy and pumped about your wedding. To learn more, call 858.270.2195, or you can make an online inquiry.

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