Is Coronavirus Messing With Your Wedding Plans? You’re Not Alone

Is Coronavirus Messing With Your Wedding Plans? You’re Not Alone

A few weeks ago, your wedding plans may have been soaring along. Now coronavirus is making a mess of any big gathering, and that includes a large festive wedding. What are some of the ways that COVID-19 is forcing couples to rethink their wedding plans?

  • Canceled flights – Everyone has already RSVP’d, but suddenly flights start getting canceled, and essential guests can’t make it.
  • Legal issues – Some states or counties are banning all local events over a certain size. If you have more wedding guests than the temporary restrictions allow, it can force you to make some tough choices.
  • Fears – Whether you are the one who is concerned or it is your guests, fears can result in someone not being at the wedding. This is especially true for older ones who are particularly affected.
  • Vendor cancellations – Whether your vendor has to cancel because they are sick or they are afraid of getting sick at your event, you may need a last-minute replacement, which is often expensive and difficult to come by.
  • What if someone shows up sick? – Let’s say a friend or relative who doesn’t take COVID-19 seriously shows up with a cough? Will you subject your guests to possible danger? Will you tell your loved one to leave?

Some Wedding Planning Decisions May Be Difficult

From providing hand sanitizer or masks for guests to delaying the wedding day to having some loved ones watch on Skype – you may be faced with some tough decisions. One easy decision is to ask DJ Mikey Beats to be your professional wedding DJ. Just call 858.270.2195 or submit the online contact form today.

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