4 Types of Dances to Consider Having at Your Wedding

4 Types of Dances to Consider Having at Your Wedding

The first dance is one of the most special moments at a wedding reception and celebrates the happy couple. What other dances should you think about that may apply to your wedding? Here are four types of dances you may want to consider.

  • Father-daughter – This can be a great way to let daddy and his little girl have a special moment at the wedding. Alternatively, you may have a stepfather-daughter, grandfather-granddaughter, or even a godfather-daughter dance depending on the family makeup.
  • Mother-son – You don’t have to be a momma’s boy to want a special dance with mom. Again, this can apply in stepfamilies or even when mom is a godmother or grandmother who raised the groom.
  • Anniversary dance – This a great way to get all of the married couples on the dancefloor at once. The professional wedding DJ will gradually cut down the number of couples on the floor, starting with eliminating anyone married less than a day (you guys already got your dance). Everyone can applaud the last couple standing and maybe even get them to share a few tips for making a marriage last.
  • Line dancing – Even people who shy away from the dancefloor may get up for a popular line dance. Even if this isn’t your thing, you may want to consider one or two for people who will only go to the dancefloor if they already know the steps.

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