Don’t Make the Wrong Choice When It Comes to Your Wedding DJ

Don’t Make the Wrong Choice When It Comes to Your Wedding DJ

You’ve been waiting for this day your entire life. Don’t let a DJ mess it up just because they claim to be a professional DJ. Be your own advocate, and make sure to do everything on this checklist:

  • Read online reviews – You can gloss over one bad review in the light of dozens of good ones. But if Google says the DJ shows up late, drinks all your booze, and plays songs the Couple specifically said no to, then you know to pass.
  • Ask about experience – Of course, your wedding DJ needs to have experience with weddings. However, you might get some additional benefits if you hire someone with club experience. Club DJs need additional technical skills and a heightened ability to read an audience. That can prove useful when it comes to your reception as well, ensuring that guests will have a stellar time.
  • Ask about the equipment and music – Make sure your wedding DJ has great equipment, and that it is available to you if you need a PA system for announcements or speeches. Also, make sure your DJ has the songs on your must-play list and that he is willing to let you provide a do-no-play list as well.

The Wedding DJ Who Ticks All the Boxes

DJ Mikey Beats is an experienced wedding and club DJ with a fantastic reputation and top of the line equipment. Call 858.270.2195, or submit an online inquiry, to book your dates and get started on your playlist.

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