Chris and Sharlee – Garty Pavilion

Ceremony at the Garty Pavilion

Mission Bay Wedding

The Garty Pavilion in Mission Beach is hidden in plain sight. It is the next peninsula south of Santa Clara’s peninsula. If you don’t know where that is, you aren’t from San Diego and need to Google it. Chris and Sharlee weren’t from San Diego but they managed to find this little jewel of a venue. The Garty Pavilion is a perfect venue to for people who travel from across the country who want to get their toes in the sand.

The two different parts of this venue is what makes it special. On the one side, you have the marina with boats dock and it faces west. On the other side you have the open bay that looks north. These locations produce two different areas of awesomeness.

The Beach Meets Country

The music was a great mix to satisfy all in attendance and I was the Wedding DJ. Seating music was mostly acoustic with Jack Johnson and Bob Marley. For cocktails, they had my buddy Kekoa from Cityside, a local reggae band, play solo acoustic. That boy can rip it up! Dinner was a great mix of country love ballads, some classic Motown and some soft rock. Once open dancing started, everyone rushed to the dance floor to get their groove on.

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