Corporate Event Planning Tips for SMBs

Corporate Event Planning Tips for SMBs

If you operate a small to medium-size company (SMB), you may not have the same size events as a large corporation. However, that doesn’t make your event less important. Whether you are celebrating the release of a new product or planning a holiday party, here are a few ways to make the event something special for your close-knit team.

  • Plan the right meal – One of the most important components of a corporate event is the food. Whether you are planning a sit-down dinner or appetizers and a cocktail hour, be sure to hire a good caterer so everyone gets enough to eat and drink.
  • Chose an appropriate venue – The size of your company and whether or not the attendees include family members will determine the size venue that you need. Then you want to be sure that it has the right amenities for your guests, the food service team, and your entertainment.
  • Hire the right entertainer – If you want the right sound equipment for announcements and speeches and the best music to get everyone hyped, you need a great corporate DJ. Hiring a DJ who also has club experience is another must if you want to get everyone dancing later in the evening.

The Right Corporate DJ for Your Event

If you are looking for a corporate DJ with club experience, high-end sound equipment, and all the music you want and need, DJ Mikey Beats is here for your company. To get your event on the calendar, just call 858.270.2195, or you can request a quote online.

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