What Can A Professional Wedding DJ Do Better Than An Amateur?

What Can a Professional Wedding DJ Do Better Than an Amateur?

If you have a friend or family member who is good with a playlist and has a few speakers, is that a viable way to cut costs at your wedding? Not if you want everyone to have a great time. There are some things a professional wedding DJ should know how to do that you simply can’t get from an amateur. Here are some important tricks of the trade.

  • Song selection – The DJ is creating the playlist on the spot. He can see when dancers are getting tired and it’s time to slow things down or if people are getting bored and it’s time to mix things up. You can’t read the audience when you just have a preset playlist that someone made weeks ago.
  • Equalizing – DJs use an equalizer to adjust the high, low, and middle tones of a track. This ensures that the bass sounds nice when you are dancing to the beat, but vocals are clear for a ballad or when you use the sound system for speeches and announcements.
  • Beat matching – Your DJ is going to actively match the beat of the song that is ending to the next one coming on so that there is no dead space between songs. Those little pauses are when people leave the dancefloor.

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