Amer and Elizabeth – La Valencia Hotel

A Ceremony at La Valencia Hotel

A Classy Wedding

La Valencia Hotel was built in 1926 and has been a favorite hotel of mine for decades. Whether I am being a wedding DJ there or simply stopping through for a drink at the bar, this place takes me back in time, every time. My wife and I stayed in one of their villas on our wedding night which was one of the nicest hotel stays we have ever experienced.

I do 4-6 weddings at La Valencia Hotel a year. When on site, I always make sure to stop what I am doing for a moment and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Amer and Liz were referred to me by the events staff at La Valencia Hotel. I make it a point to always meet the bride and groom before the wedding because meeting them on their wedding day is tacky. They lived out of town and we were unable to meet up before the wedding. I made the mistake of addressing the groom’s bother as the groom after the wedding. That would not have happened had i met them in advance.

Some wedding at La Valencia Hotel can be upscale to the point of stuffiness but not with this crowd. The guests were well dressed and came to have a great time. You could tell because at the ceremony, the conversation were particularly loud, but not obnoxious. People were genuinely enjoying each other’s company. That enjoyment lasted through the cocktails, into dinner and leaked all over the dance floor.

A Witty Groom With Great Musical Taste

Amer was a very witty man. His speech was very formal but he had some quick one liners that had many people laughing including myself. Their first dance was a song by Charles Aznavour called “ For Me Formidable.” That translates from French to English as “For Me Wonderful.” This song became an instant favorite for me and is now regularly played in my jazz and big band sets during dinner.

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