Darrel and Kerri – Hilton Resort & Spa

A Ceremony at Hilton Resort & Spa

A Mission Bay Wedding

Hilton Resort & Spa sits on the East side of Mission Bay right in front of the 5 freeway. I grew up less than a mile away and as a kid would roller blade on the boardwalk near the bay right in front of the Hilton Resort & Spa. This resort always reminds me of my childhood and I do 4-6 weddings a year there. I am on the preferred vendors list as a wedding DJ there and I also get referrals from Mary Bowerman who is a wonderful wedding planner who frequently coordinates there.

Darrel & Kerri were referred to me by themselves, because Kerri works in event sales at the Hilton Resort & Spa. Her wedding was the third I did for the staff at Hilton Resort & Spa. I always look forward to doing weddings for the venue staff. Bob Fader is now a sales manager there after being the event sales manager at La Valencia for years. These are my people!

Darryl and Kerri got married on the lawn where most people get married that looks west to the bay. Ceremonies here are always beautiful and the walk form the ceremony area to the cocktail is a nice stroll down the boardwalk.

The Playlist

I played Vitamin String Quartet for their seating music. Their cocktail reception was at Fresco’s which is a bar at the resort. The playlist there was mostly beach reggae and acoustic music. The dinner was under the large banner tree by the pool with jazz music to start with that transitioned into 70’s and 80’s soft rock. From the first song to the last song, the guests filled dance floor with fist pumps and fluid gyration. The groom LOVED 80’s music so the John Hughes movie soundtracks were on full display. The last song of the evening was Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” with everyone screaming the chorus.

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