Alternatives to the Rice Toss for Wedding Send-Offs

Alternatives to the Rice Toss for Wedding Send-Offs

The ritual of throwing rice at a couple as a send-off after their wedding actually started in ancient Rome. In fact, it started as wheat and later switched to rice as the symbol of fertility changed. It was meant as an offering to the gods so that the happy couple would have lots of children.

You may not think about that when you throw rice at a wedding today, but you may also not want to be showered with rice at your wedding. Do you still want a fun send-off? Here are a few ideas.

  • Glow sticks – Have your friends and family crack glow sticks and light up the night as you head to the vehicle with “Just Married” written on the back.
  • Ribbon wands – Long dowels with ribbons tied to the end give you the feel of confetti without the huge mess for someone to clean up later.
  • Bubbles – Two birds with one stone. Give your guests bottles of bubbles with your wedding date as a favor and have them blow the bubbles as you head to your getaway vehicle.
  • Sparklers – They make extra long sparklers specifically for occasions like this. That will ensure that people use them safely and that the sparklers don’t run out before you get to your car.

Chose the Right Song for Your Wedding Send-Off

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