Ryan and Annie @ The Martin Johnson House

I get so excited when I get to do what I do best for someone that I have known for years. The bride Annie has been a long time friend and when her and the love of her life Ryan decided to tie the knot, they gave me a call to guarantee a good time! The MJ House was the perfect venue for perfectly matched couple.

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Spencer and Tracy @ The Crossings at Carlsbad

The Crossings

My many years in the San Diego bar and night club industry has made me the preferred wedding Dj of that industry and that is exactly how I met Spencer and Tracy. There was an all star cast of current and ex bartenders, managers and servers there that made me wonder who was behind the bar at some of San Diego’s busiest night clubs on this night? This all went down at The Crossings in Carlsbad with perfect weather and a fun crowd.

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Ryan and Kari @ Mission Beach Women’s Club

Mission Beach Women’s Club

These two kids, oh my goodness! I have know Ryan since about 2004 and any woman who could hold him down is a keeper and Kari is definitely a keeper! They brought their friends and family over to the Mission Beach Women’s Club to witness their commitment to one another and to have a blast! i knew some many of the guests at this wedding we should have called it a reunion! Lots of smiles and lots of memories on this fine day.

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Kevin and Kristina @ Hilton Resort and Spa

Hilton Mission Bay Spa and Resort

I was referred these two kids from a close DJ buddy of mine, Chris Cutz. They wanted Chris because of his energetic performances in the club, but he doesn’t like to do weddings, so he got them pumped to meet me and have me do the wedding. When we met we soon realized that we had many mutual friends and it was all love and life after that. San Diego is the biggest little city there is and everyone here is connected in one way or another. i am so glad i met Kev and Kristina and now I am proud to call them my friends. The big day was at the Hilton Mission Bay Spa and Resort which is right by where I grew up. The resort is a big property and very well kept. The staff is wonderful to work with and every time I get a chance to see with my homie Laura Gipson over there, I always end up with a smile on my face.

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Brett and Joanna @ Junipero Serra Museum

Junipero Serra Museum

My man Brett, what can you say about him that isn’t great? He’s a Dr, he drives a nice car, has a nice house but none of that matters because all that does is that he married his soulmate, Joanna. I have known Brett since the 90’s and when he first met Joanna, i knew he was in love. All his buddies teased him but we all knew it was true, so when I got the call to come play for them at the Junipero Serra Museum in Old Town, I jumped out of my seat and fist pumped! The ceremony was set inside the museum which had a layout similar to a church. On the side patio was the cocktail reception and on the main patio was the reception. The view of San Diego form up there was amazing and the time we all had was memorable. Again, I am so fortunate to be able to do my friend’s weddings!

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Trent and Lindsey @ Pala Mesa Resort

Pala Mesa Resort

This was my first time playing out at Pala Mesa Resort and when I walked up to the ceremony area, it blew my mind! it is so beautiful how it is tucked into a small valley at the base of a mountain top with a bell tower. Who can say they got married under a bell tower, right?! All these kids wanted to do was dance and have a good time with their friends and families. I wish I had recorded the Father of the Bride speech because he had the mouth of a sailor, because he was a sailor! Nothing says I love you like a joke about a man’s daughter, but sure enough by the end of the speech, someone must have been cutting onions because there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. I love my job!

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