Vita and Simon @ Orfila Vineyards Estate

Orfila Vineyards Estate

This wedding took place at the Orfila Vineyards Estate and brought together to very different families, one who Arabic and the other spoke Russian. Of course playing for two ethnically different families can be a challenge, but I managed to bring out each side of the family to the dance floor with their cultural music at separate times and then brought them both together with American pop hits. These two kids were madly in love and you cn clearly see it in how they would look at each other throughout the day and into the night.

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Richie and Michelle @ Del Mar Hilton

Del Mar Hilton

This wedding reception took place at the Del Mar Hilton. These two asked for a non-traditional approach to the wedding music with some seriously amazing requests of 90’s hip hop and R&B. Little did they know that I could deliver them exactly what they wanted! Believe it or not, don’t judge these people by their looks, they both flipped out when Wu-Tang came on and knew every lyric verbatim!

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Jeff and Jaeny @ Catamaran Hotel

Calumet Park

I had known these kids for years and I believe they had been together for around a decade before getting hitched. Both were as sweet as could be with the friends and family to match. A great time was had by all with a ceremony at Calumet park with a reception at the Catamaran Hotel in Pacific Beach. — at Calumet Park.

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Spencer and Tiana @ Grand Tradition

Grand Tradition Estate

[push h=”20″]This beautiful wedding was set at the Grand Tradition in Fallbrook. These too kids were in love and along with their friends and family, they had the best time of their lives. This is one of those weddings where I was using my hands the whole time, so I didn’t take enough pics. I do have some super fun videos of open dancing though. — at Grand Tradition Estate.[push h=”20″]

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