Brett and Joanna @ Junipero Serra Museum

Junipero Serra Museum

My man Brett, what can you say about him that isn’t great? He’s a Dr, he drives a nice car, has a nice house but none of that matters because all that does is that he married his soulmate, Joanna. I have known Brett since the 90’s and when he first met Joanna, i knew he was in love. All his buddies teased him but we all knew it was true, so when I got the call to come play for them at the Junipero Serra Museum in Old Town, I jumped out of my seat and fist pumped! The ceremony was set inside the museum which had a layout similar to a church. On the side patio was the cocktail reception and on the main patio was the reception. The view of San Diego form up there was amazing and the time we all had was memorable. Again, I am so fortunate to be able to do my friend’s weddings!

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