Jared and Jessica @ La Valencia Hotel

La Valencia Hotel

La Valencia is another one of my favorite places to be at and DJ at. My wife and I stayed in one of their villas on our wedding night, and they are so glamorous! I also have many good friends who work there, so i love their star. When I first met Jared and Jessica, I was so into their positive vibe that I almost wanted to pay them to DJ their wedding because I knew it was gong to be a blast! These kids knew how to have fun and you could clearly see that at this garter toss picture I snapped.

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Shawn and Jason @ SD Rowing Club’s The Garty Pavillon

The Garty Pavilion

I awoke this morning and thought to myself, “You have to be kidding me, it’s raining!!!” The wedding was set to take place at The Garty Pavillon, which is a gorgeous venue tucked away in the middle of Mission Bay. The venue is completely out doors and it was pouring rain! I immediately called Auriel who is the onsite coordinator to see what the deal was and she said it was still a go. I packed my equipment with the extra plastic garbage bags to make sure my equipment stayed dry. To my amazement, Cristin with Platinum Party Rentals had brought two back up tents in case it rained and she had her guys setting them both up. With all the vendors stepping it up and making the needed adjustments, the wedding went on. The two families could not have been any more understanding about the situation, they made due and moved forward to have a wonderful celebration. One very memorable part of the day was when the brother of the bride who stars in “Jersey Boys,” a well known Las Vegas musical, stepped up for an acoustic guitar performance with his girlfriend on back up vocals and his buddy on the conga. Take a look at the video and see how terrible the weather was but how happy the couple was along with their friends and family.

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Russell and Alexa @ Levyland

Levyland Estates

My friends, Russell and Alexa have been together for years and when they asked me to be their DJ I screamed, “Yes!” as if they had proposed to me. This great gathering of friends and families happen at Levyland in Carlsbad. Usually couples opt to send their guests down the long dirt road to the beach but Russell and Alexa opted to have the ceremony in the back in a very intimate setting. They both bravely said their own vows and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. I loved the joint Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance and the laid back vibe with a food truck in the back to walk up and order as you pleased. The night went on with lots of love and laughter in the air.

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Mike and Britaney @ Scripps Seaside Forum

Scripps Seaside Forum

I LOVE SCRIPPS SEASIDE FORUM!!! I am complexity biased when I say that this is my favorite wedding venue in San Diego, but guess what? I was married there! Every wedding there is a great wedding because it sits on top of La Jolla shores and on the UCSD campus, so when my childhood friend asked me if I would like to DJ his wedding, i had many reason why I was excited. We laughed, cried, ate and danced the night away!

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Vita and Simon @ Orfila Vineyards Estate

Orfila Vineyards Estate

This wedding took place at the Orfila Vineyards Estate and brought together to very different families, one who Arabic and the other spoke Russian. Of course playing for two ethnically different families can be a challenge, but I managed to bring out each side of the family to the dance floor with their cultural music at separate times and then brought them both together with American pop hits. These two kids were madly in love and you cn clearly see it in how they would look at each other throughout the day and into the night.

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Richie and Michelle @ Del Mar Hilton

Del Mar Hilton

This wedding reception took place at the Del Mar Hilton. These two asked for a non-traditional approach to the wedding music with some seriously amazing requests of 90’s hip hop and R&B. Little did they know that I could deliver them exactly what they wanted! Believe it or not, don’t judge these people by their looks, they both flipped out when Wu-Tang came on and knew every lyric verbatim!

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Jeff and Jaeny @ Catamaran Hotel

Calumet Park

I had known these kids for years and I believe they had been together for around a decade before getting hitched. Both were as sweet as could be with the friends and family to match. A great time was had by all with a ceremony at Calumet park with a reception at the Catamaran Hotel in Pacific Beach. — at Calumet Park.

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