Chef Works Holiday Party @ Stone Brewing Liberty Station

This is a perfect example of how powerful having a good DJ at a holiday party can change an event manager’s perception of their co-workers. Originally the dinner was supposed to be outside but it was raining so the contingency plan was to have everyone crowd into an event space that was small for the crowd size. I spoke with one of the mangers of Chef Works and told her there was no dance floor where I was setting up. She replied, “Trust me, these people won’t dance. They are talkers and will just want to talk.” In my head I was like, “Then why did you hire a DJ?” but to her, I politely fell in line with her vision and took my place in the corner. I noticed the energy after dinner was quite low so I start doing some of my standard 80’s themed routines which are less catered to dancing and more catered to a DJ performance. After I grabbed their attention and they started to sing along, I gradually increased the energy of the music and the volume too. Within 20 minutes people were dancing wherever they could find space and the energy was super high. Never under estimate the power of music nor the yearning of a cubicle mate to dance their ass off, especially with a couple Stone IPAs in them!

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