Pro Tips for Better Corporate Event Entertainment

Pro Tips for Better Corporate Event Entertainment

The live entertainment can be a key component of your corporate event. It can help to get people hyped up for your product release, announcement, or another event type, and it can ensure that you have the right sound equipment in place for speeches or announcements. Here are a few tips from a professional corporate DJ to help you make good decisions.

  • Hire a professional corporate DJ with experience – This should seem obvious for a corporation that is trying to make a name for itself and increase brand awareness. However, in an effort to pinch a few pennies on the budget, some companies have made the mistake of hiring someone with little to no experience in the corporate world.
  • Make sure you have some creative control – You are hiring a pro so that you know he can read a room and choose the right songs. But you may also have some songs in mind for introductions and things of that nature. You may also have some songs that you definitely don’t want to be played. Make sure your DJ is willing to work with you.
  • Check out the sound equipment – Professional equipment should do more than just play crystal clear music. It should also have a great PA quality so that you can speak to your audience, make any necessary announcements, and even provide direction in the rare case of an emergency.

A San Diego Based Professional Corporate DJ

DJ Mikey Beats wants to be your corporate DJ. With over 12 years as a corporate, wedding, and club DJ, you know you are getting the experience and sound equipment that your special event needs. For more information, call 858.270.2195, or you can get a quote online.

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