Work with a Pro the Next Time You Need Corporate Entertainment

Work with a Pro the Next Time You Need Corporate Entertainment

The next time you have a major corporate event planned, hire a professional entertainer to give your employees a night they deserve. Whether it is a holiday party, a summer barbecue, or a company retreat, DJ Mikey Beats wants to exceed all expectations with his professional sound equipment, extensive playlist, and experienced DJing skills.

Experience Working with Large Corporations

When you hire a DJ for a corporate event, you not only need someone who is good at his job but who also has experience in dealing with professionals. Your company retreat isn’t some spring break festival. It’s still attached to your brand. So you need someone with experience in performing in a professional setting. Here are some of the major companies that DJ Mikey Beats has performed for:

  • Monster Energy Drink
  • Sony Online Entertainment
  • Vavi Sports
  • Noble Solutions
  • UCSD Health
  • Ligand Pharma
  • Chef Works
  • Costco
  • And more!

So no matter what your company does or how large the event is, you know that you are hiring a professional who is up to the challenge and will make sure everyone has a great time.

Hire Your Corporate Event DJ Today!

If you are ready to hire a professional DJ with real corporate entertainment experience, then call 858.270.2195 today. From disco and funk to 80s, 90s, 00s, and modern pop, DJ Mikey Beats has the music and equipment to handle your next corporate event. For added convenience, you can also request a quote right here from the website.

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