Preston and Brooke – Bali Hai

A Ceremony at Bal Hai

Hawaiian Style Wedding

Bali Hai is one of San Diego’s best wedding venues for an island or Hawaiian style weddings. Whenever I get a chance to do a wedding where I am allowed to wear a Hawaiian shirt,  I show up with my favorite Tommy Bahama. Otherwise I rock the linen suit with a Tommy Bahama tie. Speaking of Tommy, shout out to Tommy who runs the place with his Dad Larry.

Preston and Brooke found me at a Bali Hai mixer where the venue showcased all of their vendors. Brooke was there with her parents and I first met her father. He came up to me and I could tell by his relaxed swagger that he was from San Diego. We hit it off right away when he asked me:

“So what’s your day job?”
I responded with, “I’m a donut chef, You?”
He said, “I’m a cop.”
I replied, “So am I hired as your Wedding DJ?”
He said, “Yup” and walked away.

I thought the conversation was over. He then brought the whole family to me and we all decided that it would be best if I was their wedding DJ.

The Father of the Bride

Let’s fast forward to the wedding day and Brooke’s Dad’s speech. The thing that got me was that before his speech, the man was balling his eyes out watching his daughter dance with her new husband. He then proceeded to give an excellent speech with funny memories, witty antidotes and great advice for a long lasting marriage. The father daughter dance was up next and he had specially edited it to start with Heartland’s “I loved Her First” and then transitioned into the chorus of LMFAO’s “Party Rock.” The two danced as I am sure they did for her whole childhood. FINALLY They stopped, hugged and he gave a thumbs up to his new Son in Law. Cheers.

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