Sandy and Drew – La Jolla Woman’s Club

DJ Set Up at La Jolla Woman's Club

La Jolla Wedding

I love doing weddings at La Jolla Woman’s Club! The property is laid out perfectly for a 150-200 person wedding. Ceremonies are typically on the East side of the property in the garden, cocktail receptions are on the westside in a cute court yard, dinner is sometimes out on the from lawn and the dancing is inside.

Ceremonies at the La Jolla Woman’s Club are typically on the south patio. I set up under the patio with a speaker facing the ceremony area. It’s a small area so one speaker works pretty well as there are buildings on both sides.

The cocktail receptions are typically on the north patio. I also use one speaker because there is an elevated platform that is perfect to place a speaker on. Setting a speaker high like that will lay sound across the tops of people’s heads rather than shooting through their bodies.

When there is a dinner on the lawn, I have two speakers spanning from one side of the patio to the other so that everyone hears the music as well as the speeches perfectly. For the dancing inside, I usually bring two speakers and a sub placed with iron the stage or on the dance floor. This is perfect sound for that room even when it’s at capacity because the acoustics are nice.

An Eclectic Mix of Music

Sandy and Drew were a couple of kids that wanted to have a great time and their music selections reflected that. I was referred to them by a mutual friend to be their wedding DJ. Their seating music was r&b and soul music. The bride wanted me to play Jagged Edge ft Run DMC “Let’s Get Married (Remarkable Remix)” right before she started her procession song. For cocktails they wanted lots of Salsa, Cumbias and Mariachi music. For dinner they ordered up some 60’s, 70’s and 80’s soul, r&b and pop music. The dance music was all over the place but every word of every song was sung by every one there.

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