Misha and Julian – The Mission Inn Hotel

Ceremony at The Mission Inn Hotel

A Formal Wedding

I have a few vendors that I have become pretty close with and consider friends. One of those vendors is the wedding planner Suher Haidar with Francine Ribeau Events. She’s my buddy and referred me to her clients who were getting married at The Mission Inn Hotel. The couple was looking for a club vibe on the dance floor by a DJ with club experience. They also needed someone to be on point with the equipment because there were a few challenges.

The Mission Inn Hotel was built in the late 1800’s and grew in size to span an entire city block. The owners of the Inn decorated it in a classic Spanish theme and included a small church to hold weddings at. Inside that church is where the ceremony was and the clients wanted to be sure that the sound was well heard but not seen. I did my magic and accommodated both requests as you can see in this blog post’s picture.

Ornate Decoration

The reception area was a huge indoor room with 25 foot ceilings and almost looked like another church. The walls and ceiling were intricately designed with gold sculptured ornaments and pillars. The clients wanted up lighting throughout the room that would hit the pillars and the ceiling. No problem there.

Most of the music was classical and jazz but when it came to open dancing, the music went full club vibe. Something that had me laughing was when I played Drake and Migos, it felt so out of place because of the formal nature of the venue. The guests loved it!

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