Josh and Lindsay – Galway Downs

A Ceremony at Galway Downs

A Venue with a Rich History

Galway Downs boasts of their vision of quality, beauty, hospitality and grace. When I showed up to be a Temecula wedding Dj for the night, I had high expectations. All of my expectations were met. Galway Downs originally opened in 1968 as the Ranch California Track and Training Center and created a long standing history of Equestrian excellence of every discipline. 2010 brought a new family to renovate the property and add to the prestige of the property. An event center that they call The Carriage House was renovated to host weddings receptions and this was one of the tallest rooms I had ever done a reception in.

Josh and Lindsay reached out to have me be their wedding DJ. Actually, Lindsay reached out to me because Lindsay is my homie. I had worked with Lindsay for years at the Bahia Resort Hotel where we quickly became close because we both shared the no BS attitude while wearing a smile. She left the Bahia Resort Hotel and settled in at Coasterra where she frequently refers me for weddings and corporate events. She knows many Djs so when she asked me to be her DJ, I was truly humbled and appreciative.

A Wedding Coordinator’s Wedding

The guests were a mix of family, friends, wedding industry professionals and a bunch of rowdy Sheriffs. It was nice to see all of the wedding planners in the guest seat. I joked with the ladies about how they needed a night off so they were not allowed to do anything. Some couldn’t resist re-setting the center pieces and fusing over runners.

The dance floor opened up and I saw something I had never seen before. There was a large group of hulking Sheriffs in the middle of the dance floor. They were dancing a choreographed routine and singing every word to N’Sync’s “Bye, Bye, Bye.” That wasn’t something I could laugh at because I wouldn’t want to laugh at these men, so i wore a poker face until one of my planner buddies nudged me with her elbow and we both cracked up. That was a good one.

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