Throw the Best Corporate Holiday Party Ever

Throw the Best Corporate Holiday Party Ever

Let’s face it; a corporate holiday party can be pretty boring. Most people make an appearance to either glad-hand some of the execs or drink on the company’s dollar. But you have the opportunity to make this year’s corporate special event different. Hiring the right corporate events DJ can turn a boring party into an extravaganza that employees look forward to all year long.

Why an Ordinary DJ Won’t Do

There are a few mistakes that your average DJ is going to make at a corporate party.

  • Jump in with both feet – You have to warm up a corporate party. This isn’t a group of people who have been friends for life. It takes a little while for things to get going and a real pro can help loosen people up.
  • Limited music range – Not only do you need a wide array of music to appeal to a diverse group of people, but you also don’t want your DJ having to tell person after person that they don’t have a song that has been requested.
  • They make excuses – If the dance floor is empty and no one is having a good time, the average DJ is going to blame it on the crowd. It’s always up to the DJ to get the party started.

The DJ for Your San Diego Corporate Party

DJ Mikey Beats wants to make this year’s office holiday party one for the record books. To get started, contact Mikey directly by calling 858.270.2195 or call SGM Events and dial extension 3. You can also request a quote online.

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