Shawn and Jason @ SD Rowing Club’s The Garty Pavillon

The Garty Pavilion

I awoke this morning and thought to myself, “You have to be kidding me, it’s raining!!!” The wedding was set to take place at The Garty Pavillon, which is a gorgeous venue tucked away in the middle of Mission Bay. The venue is completely out doors and it was pouring rain! I immediately called Auriel who is the onsite coordinator to see what the deal was and she said it was still a go. I packed my equipment with the extra plastic garbage bags to make sure my equipment stayed dry. To my amazement, Cristin with Platinum Party Rentals had brought two back up tents in case it rained and she had her guys setting them both up. With all the vendors stepping it up and making the needed adjustments, the wedding went on. The two families could not have been any more understanding about the situation, they made due and moved forward to have a wonderful celebration. One very memorable part of the day was when the brother of the bride who stars in “Jersey Boys,” a well known Las Vegas musical, stepped up for an acoustic guitar performance with his girlfriend on back up vocals and his buddy on the conga. Take a look at the video and see how terrible the weather was but how happy the couple was along with their friends and family.

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