Don’t Make These Classic Mistakes When Hiring a Wedding DJ

Don’t Make These Classic Mistakes When Hiring a Wedding DJ

You want your wedding to be perfect, so that means learning from the mistakes of others who have come before you. When it is time to choose a wedding DJ, here are some of the big mistakes that you want to avoid.

  • Not hiring a professional – Not everyone who calls themselves a professional DJ has pro sound equipment and an extensive playlist. Anyone who has been paid to DJ can say he’s a pro. You need to do a little research online to learn about your DJ.
  • Waiting to hire a DJ – As soon as your wedding date is set, you should be submitting your booking inquiry. In fact, if you have your heart set on a specific DJ, you may want to make sure your day is open before you book with the venue.
  • Leaving all the music decisions up to the DJ – Once everyone hits the dance floor, a pro DJ (especially one with club experience) will be able to read the room and keep the crowd going for the rest of the evening. But when it comes to processional music, your first dance, and any other special dances that you want throughout the evening, you should be making the choices. You should also have lists of songs that you specifically do and don’t want to have played.

Hire the Best San Diego Wedding DJ for Your Special Day

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