Why You Want a DJ with Club and Corporate Experience for Your Next Event

Why You Want a DJ with Club and Corporate Experience for Your Next Event

There are a couple of mistakes corporate event planners make when hiring a DJ for special events. The first is hiring a DJ who specializes in only corporate events. The second is hiring a DJ who only has experience in the club. Here are the reasons these are both mistakes and why you need to hire a DJ who has experience in both environments.

Why You Need More than Just a Corporate DJ

Corporate DJs may have the proper decorum that you are looking for, but they may lack the energy you need at your event. Whether they struggle to get people who are not used to socializing together on the dance floor or they simply don’t have the right music and equipment, the event can end up being a little flat.

Why a Club DJ May Not Be the Right Fit

On the other hand, a club DJ can get people on the dance floor, but they may not know the proper way to dress and comport themselves for your corporate event. This can result in awkward situations and maybe even some embarrassment for the company.

The Best Corporate DJ with Club Experience

This is why you want DJ Mikey Beats for your next corporate event. When someone has experience in the corporate world and on the club scene, you know that you are going to have an entertainer who can get the party started and get everyone to have a good time, while still maintaining the proper appearance and decorum that you want your event to have.

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